YJY’s Thesis Award 2022

Uutisen oletuskuva

The Association for Environmental Management (YJY) will award high-quality theses research on environmental management again this year. The awarded will be chosen in two categories:

  • the University series (Master’s thesis)
  • the University of Applied Sciences series (including Master’s degree level final assignments from Universities of Applied Sciences) 

Winners in both series will receive a scholarship prize of 1000 euros. The winners will be announced at the Association for Environmental Management’s Pre-Christmas Party in December 2022.

Any  thesis that has been published after 1 October 2020 can be nominated, including master’s thesis, diploma thesis and thesis from polytechnics. A very good or commendable final grade is required. For example, a grade of at least 4 on a scale of 1-5 or at least a magna cum laude approbatur. Thesis refers to the final thesis related to the completion of a degree, most often completed individually. Thus, students’ project work or other performances otherwise related to their studies will not be accepted for the competition. Also, classified materials cannot be taken into account in the assessment.

The thesis can be registered as a candidate by the end of October 2022. It is recommended to include a statement from the supervisor that includes a concise (up to one page) description of the specific merits of the job, such as the novelty of the job in their area, applicable benefits to companies and/or other society, and methodological or scientific merits.

The work proposed for the award, the author’s up-to-date contact information and any other attachments will be sent no later than 31.10.2022 as pdf files by e-mail to yjy.puheenjohtaja(at)gmail.com. In the subject field of the message, write “Thesis Award 2022 [author’s surname]”.

For more information on the competition please contact the chairwoman of YJY Hilkka Korte: yjy.puheenjohtaja(a)gmail.com 

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