Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) into use also in the open university

Multi-factor authentication will be deployed at the University of Vaasa Open University during spring 2024. This means that all services used by open university students (e.g. Moodle, Peppi and library Tritonia services) will require in the future, in addition to HAKA log-in, to verify log-in either with a Microsoft Authenticator application installed on their own mobile device or with a number code received as a text message. This makes it possible to reliably identify the users of the university's services and to better prevent phishing and misuse of user accounts.

The exact day of deployment will be announced later, but it is advisable to do the preparations for MFA identification now in advance using the instructions found on our website. When you take the necessary steps in good time, you will be able to log in to the services without problems in the future as well. If you are also a degree student in University of Vaasa, it is likely that you have already enabled the MFA and do not need to make one again.

HAKA login to e.g. Moodle is still done with just the username part (e.g. x123456), but in the MFA authentication phase, the user account is always written as (e.g. Despite the domain, the so-called light user accounts of Open University students do not include the University's email box or Office365 package.


For problems related to authentication or the enabling of authentication, you can contact the IT services of the University of Vaasa at it(at) or +358 29 449 8001. In all questions related to Open University studies and services, you can, in turn, be in contact with the Open University Student Services, avoinyo(at) or +358 29 449 8004.

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