Digital certificates

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Digital certificates are useful, whether you want to boost your CV, or gather more knowledge and skills needed in today’s job market.

Students at the University of Vasa have the possibility to complete digital certificates and badges in various topics on the IBM SkillsBuild site and in the Bloomberg Lab located in Tervahovi. The IBM SkillsBuild site gives access to certificates, badges and short courses in topics such as AI, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, work place skills and more. In the Bloomberg lab you have access to two certificates on the topic of finance; Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) and Environmental Social Governance Certificate (ESG).

The purpose of certificate is to show that the owner of the certificate manages a certain skill.

Students from all fields of study can benefit from the certificates and badges. A wide range of knowledge in topics related to technology, digitalization and finance is an advantage in today’s job market, regardless of your field of study.

If you need help with creating your cv or career guidance, the universities career services are available to provide support. Here you can find more information about the career services: Career Services | University of Vaasa (

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