Changes to how you apply to graduate and request a degree certificate

Next academic year sees the launch of a new Graduation service in Peppi. Any Bachelor’s, Master’s or doctoral students who are planning to graduate in July will need to submit their request for a degree certificate using the current degree certificate application forms by 1st July 2022. But after that, the new Graduation service (see image) will become available on the Peppi Student’s desktop.


The new service brings with it many improvements for students and is available conveniently in the same place as other key tools used by students. Through the Graduation service, students can track the progress of their application, and they will also receive a confirmation of their graduation date by email. Students can also see the name of the contact person dealing with their application. The contact person will be the degree programme study counsellor or, for doctoral programmes, a specialist from the Graduate School.

Applying to graduate requires students to keep an eye on both the Graduation service and their email until their graduation date has been confirmed. The graduation application process involves two stages. Students first complete an application to graduate and once their application has been approved, the student is given the permission to progress to sending a request for a degree certificate. Students need to request their degree certificate as soon as they are given the permission to do so, to ensure there is sufficient time to prepare the degree certificate before the graduation date. Especially during busy periods, it may take the study counsellors several days to check and approve an application to graduate.

Students graduating with a Bachelor’s degree will also be asked to complete the Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey and those graduating with a Master’s in Economics and Business Administration will complete a subject-specific graduate survey. During the academic year 2022-23, there will be a graduation date each month, generally the last Friday of the month. In May, June and December, there will be two graduation dates. The graduation schedules and further information on graduation and degree certificates will be published on the website Towards Graduation at the beginning of July.

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