Back to Campus Checklist

Kampuksille palaajan muistilista - Back to campus checklist
Returning to campuses means again orientating to the new. Meeting others can arouse different emotions – it can be exciting, lovely, tiring, something you have waited for a long time or something else – all these feelings and sometimes at the same time. Remember, you are not alone with these emotions.

It is also good to remember that we all have different needs when it comes to social relationships. Alongside meeting other people it is also an important skill to be able to be alone. When being alone, it can sometimes be easier to charge your own batteries.

  • Have courage to go to new situations and be patient. Try not to think about what others think about you. Feeling nervous is natural, we all are nervous sometimes.
  • Take part in the events of student organisations and if you want new activities, you can make a wish to the student organisations.
  • Good enough is enough. Remember, good enough is a super performance at this point. You don’t always have to cope or accomplish. Give mercy to yourself and others.
  • Recognize stressful situations and reach for the balance. Ask for help from tutors or well-being and guidance staff of your own educational institution. They are there for you.

Take care of your body and you will take care of your mind

Take small steps towards everyday routines. By taking care of regular nutrition, sleep, movement and recovery, we respond to the needs of our own bodies. This also helps our mind to function better. A regular daily rhythm, nutrition, sleep and being active are effective actions against stress. Moving around in nature has also been found to be an effective help with stress.

Make your everyday life run smoothly by taking breaks

The brain needs rest and the body needs regular movement. By taking enough breaks during the day, you will cope better. Plan your time so in addition to studying you also have time for refreshing free time. Learn to prioritise things. If you don’t have time to do everything, you can skip something or do it with less effort.

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Find support

  • The University of Vaasa Study Psychologist (
  • The University of Vaasa Study Counsellors (
  • FSHS: Groups and virtual courses
  • Nyyti ry: Chat

The checklist has been compiled in cooperation with FSHS, SAMOK, SYL, Nyyti and study psychologists.

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