Your opinion matters – give your answer to the Juvenes customer satisfaction survey

Juvenes asiakastyytyväisyyskysely - Juvenes customer satisfaction survey
Continuous development is in our blood at Juvenes and we want to find out how we could serve our customers even better. We want to offer services that our customers value also in the future.

Welcome to Juvenes' big customer satisfaction survey! 

You must have thoughts and ideas about our services - We would like them to be put to good use! Wouldn't it be great if a trendy product you suggested appeared in our cafe or a delicacy you wanted in the lunch menu? Now is your chance to make a difference. Give feedback and share your wishes with us! 

The survey is carried out city by city in weeks 43-46. The survey is answered anonymously. Your answers are treated confidentially and you cannot be linked to the answers you give. Reserve a quiet moment and approx. 10-20 minutes of your time to answer. The duration of the survey is affected by e.g. your possible open answers.


We look forward to your feedback! 

Best regards, 

Mila Nyqvist
Restaurant Manager
Alma, Mathilda

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