Reminder: Big Heart Award - nominations open until 7.2.2023

Suuri Sydän -palkinto 2023 - Big Heart Award 2023
The Big Heart award is an equality award presented by the University of Vaasa.

The award may be given to a person or group that has promoted equality in the university community, for example:

  • by treating all colleagues, students and everyone else as individuals during everyday activities and encounters 
  • by taking others into consideration during conversations and interactions e.g. through the choice of language and topic, thereby ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to join in and feels welcome as a member of the university community

Any member of the university community may nominate a member of the university community (student/member of staff) or a person or group from outside the community whose activities are closely tied to the University of Vaasa as the recipient of the award. The nomination must include:

  • the name of the person submitting the nomination
  • the name of the person or group being nominated
  • a justification as to why the nominated person or group deserves the Big Heart award.

Nominations for the award are open until 7th February 2023 and are submitted to the Equality work group via this Webropol form. The award will be presented 14th February at the Rector’s Valentine’s Day Reception.

More information about the Big Heart Award

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