Registering for language courses has started

Uutisen oletuskuva
The registration for language courses, which are starting in February, March or April, has started in Peppi. The registration ends 16th January.

In Peppi, you need to register for courses using the PSP (Personal Study Plan) tool. You can add a course to your PSP by clicking the +Search for courses button.

Click the Enroll button to register for the implementation.

If the implementation has separate teaching groups, follow the instructions to select the required number of options.

When you register for a language course, the system might ask you to fill in how many credits you have completed at the University of Vaasa. You can easily check the completed credits in Tuudo.

You can cancel your registration by clicking the Cancel button, unless your registration has already been approved. If your registration has been approved you can cancel your registration by sending an e-mail to the teacher. It is important that you cancel your registration if you are not going to participate in the course. If you do not cancel your registration, you are not able to register for the same course again. 

The order in which students register does not affect whether a student is selected for the course. More information about the registration.

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