Please reply to the Student survey on higher education pedagogy

Student survey on higher education pedagogy

The aim of the survey is to obtain diverse information on students’ experiences and views on learning and studying in higher education. We hope that you will respond to the survey based on your own experiences of studying. Everyone’s answer is important!

Please respond to the survey by Friday 14th October 2022 at the latest. Responding takes around 20-25 minutes.

Link to the survey

The survey is part of the Evaluation of the state and reform of higher education pedagogy, which is implemented by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC). Some of the answers may be used in the Evaluation of Government’s key projects for higher education 2017–2022. The survey results will also be used to inform enhancements at the University of Vaasa.

Once the evaluation has been completed, the responses will be archived, and they can be handed over for research use. The answers that will be archived will be anonymised. The results of the survey will be reported in a way that makes it impossible to identify individual respondents.

For more information on the evaluation, visit the project website.

Thank you for participating in the evaluation!

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