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Coping and exhaustion are also issues that we at Nyyti will be discussing in November. Our November webinars will consider how to prevent student exhaustion and support student resilience, as well as identifying the limits of resilience and ways to support one's own resilience.

You can find more information about our webinars in this letter in Finnish.

In addition to webinars, one can reflect on one’s own everyday problems or any stumbling blocks related to student life in the mielenTEKoja one-on-ones chat or in the Miesten Vuoro -peer discussion sessions, which will start again in November. Peer discussion sessions are held only in Finnish.

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mielenTEKoja -one-on-ones chat

Would you like to chat without terrible queues? mielenTEKoja-chat is open and ready to ponder with you about any stumbling block or everyday dilemma in student life.

mielenTEKoja-chat offers university students one-on-ones peer support regarding studies and mental wellbeing. The chat is especially aimed at the technical and natural science fields, but any student who feels the need to talk is welcome!

You can chat and get peer support in English every Thursday from 5 to 7 pm. In the chat, students can have one on one conversations with trained volunteers. Our volunteers are also university students, with backgrounds varying from architectural engineering to psychology. Talking in the chat is free, no appointments are required. You can chat anonymously. Come and chat with us.

More information on chat and other mielenTEKoja-activities can be found here!

Nyyti´s Chat

Nyyti’s chats

Chats run on Tuesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. Participation in the chats is free of charge and anonymous. They also do not require prior registration. Click on the link in the chat name below to learn more about the content of the chat. More information can also be found on our website.

In November's chat we discuss communality and matters related to it.


NyytiTalk deals with themes related to, for example, student life and wellbeing, relationships, studying and coping with everyday life. You can watch NyytiTalk-broadcasting either on YouTube or on Instagram where we broadcast Nyyti goes Instagram livestreams.

The next Nyyti goes Instagram will be held in Swedish "Vi pratar om ätstörningar med Monica Ålgars" on 9th November 2021 from noon till 1 pm.

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