Nyyti News 7/2022


Nyytis autumn activities start in August, e.g. the first Nyytin Chat will be held on Tuesday 30 August. You can find more information about the autumn chats on our website.

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Where to get help

Here are a few tips for you:

Support for loneliness

Many students experience loneliness and do not know what help is available or where to get it. Loneliness affects learning ability, motivation, and resilience, but it is often difficult to get out of the harmful circle it creates. However, support and help specifically for students is available.

Mutual discussion support with a trained professional is available in Finnish immediately and also throughout the summer!

Nyyti’s Chat

In July, our chat will take a break. This autumn's first English-language chat will take place on Tuesday 30 August.

The subject is How to find friends at the beginning of studies?

You may be moving to a new location and looking for new friends? How to manage in Finnish student culture? How can I find my place in my student community at campus or online? Let’s chat about it and share our thoughts!

Check out all our autumn chats on our website.

NyytiCast -podcast

Are you familiar with our podcast - NyytiCast? Click here to visit our website and find something to listen to for the summer. On our page you can find links to all the NyytiCast episodes we produce. The discussion takes place in Finnish.

Webinar recordings

Would you rather listen to one of our past webinars? Recordings are available, e.g. from our next webinars. The discussion takes place in Finnish.

  • Psychotic illnesses and studying
  • Studying and mental health: Hope, studying, and recovery
  • Study and mental health
  • Self-criticism and perfectionism
  • From particulars to community
  • Self-compassion in studies
  • Autism spectrum and studying
  • ADHD and studying
  • From hugs to concrete

Webinar recordings can be found on Nyyti's YouTube channel. Have a look!

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