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November is the month when nature settles into winter rest. November - the month that brings All Saints' Day, Swedish Day and Father's Day. Various theme weeks are also celebrated in November. November includes Men's Week, Week for Substance Abuse Prevention Work, Children's Rights Week and Relationship Week, as well as Mental Health Week.

Based on the statistics, a large part of boys and men are doing well and cope well in life. However, based on the needs assessment of our MiehenTila project and the experience gained from group work, a large number of men suffer from loneliness, lack of selfconfidence and pressure to perform, which weaken men's mental health and wellbeing.

Nyyti ry is involved Miltä susta tuntuu? (How do you feel?) campaign, which starts at the beginning of Men's Week on November 7, 2022. The campaign aims to spark an open discussion about the wellbeing of men and boys. The goal of the campaign, which is implemented with several different organisations and actors working for men's wellbeing, is to help men stop at their own feelings and experiences and to encourage us to ask the man close to us about his wellbeing.

In addition to the wellbeing of men and boys, in Nyyti's November, we will talk about how to cope in studies, the loneliness of students, and how someone close to a university student can support the student.

In November, when nature dies, i.e. settles into winter rest, it is also a perfect time to talk about environmental feelings and sadness as well as receive guidance on handling environmental anxiety.

Keep reading and you will find out more about the chat and Nyyti Finnish-language activities.

You can find the most up-to-date information about our activities on Nyyti's pages on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Linktr.ee, as well as on Twitter and Tuudo, and of course on Nyyti’s website.

Nyyti´s Chat

Relationships with roomies can be gratifying or sometimes challenging. In November's English chat, we share experiences about roommates. Come and share yours or listen to others!

The chat will be held on Tuesday 22 November. The theme is: Living with roomies? By clicking on the name of the chat, you get more information about the chat (opens in a new window).

Check the December themes and chat times on our website in advance (opens in a new window).

Activities and webinars for students

During November, students are offered two webinars and a workshop in Finnish.

The webinars are: How do I cope with everyday studying? and From doomsday scenarios to building hope. Both webinars are held in Finnish.

You can get more information about the webinars by clicking on the name of the webinar. The information is in Finnish and opens in a new window.

Let's talk about environmental feelings -remote workshop on the theme of environmental grief will be held 23 November 2022 at 18–20. (Opens in a new window.)

The remote workshop offers tools for facing and dealing with grief related to the environment. In the workshop, you will get peer support and the opportunity to reflect on your own attitude to the climate and environmental crisis and the future. The workshop is held in Finnish.

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