No booking needed for reading rooms

Tienviitta kampuksella

Reading rooms for self-studying are open to students. No need for booking.

Following reading rooms are open for studying:

  • Palomäki room A201 (in Tervahovi), 8–16.00 (max. 10 persons)
  • Classroom F118 (on the 1st floor of Fabriikki), 8–16.00 (max. 10 persons)
  • Tritonia K235 (on the 2nd floor, the bigger reading room), Mon 9–17.00, Tue-Thurs 9–16.00 (max 7 persons)
  • Tritonia K236 (on the 2nd floor, the smaller reading room), Mon 9–17.00, Tue-Thurs 9–16.00 (max 3 persons)

The entrance to Tritonia is from the main entrance, and access to the reading rooms is via the lobby. The entrance to the Palomäki room in Tervahovi is from the main entrance behind the marble gate. The entrance to the lobby of Fabriikki is from the door next to restaurant Erkki.

You get to come indoors to the university buildings only if you are going to reading rooms or EXAM room or to copy or print. Students have the opportunity to copy in the Palomäki room and in the lobby of Fabriikki. Please note that other facilities on campus, including restaurants, are still closed.

When visiting, studying or working indoors at the university, the use of a face mask and a safe distance of at least 2 metres is required. As a rule, a maximum of 10 people can be in one room at a time. We want to prevent the spread of the virus and to ensure the safety of both students and staff in all our activities.

Further information:

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