How will the Covid-19 pandemic affect international business? - Vaasa Conference on International Business starts on Tuesday for the 16th time

Arkistokuva vuoden 2019 Vaasa IB Conferencesta
Vaasa Conference on International Business will be held on 17-18 August. Jorma Larimo, Professor of International Marketing at the University of Vaasa, is hosting the conference and the doctoral tutorial organised in connection with it for the 16th time.

The conference, which has been held in Vaasa since the 1990s, will be held this year entirely online due to the Covid-19 situation.

According to Larimo, the Covid-19 situation is also reflected in the themes of the conference. Tuesday morning's panel theme will be the effects of the Covid-19 on different sectors of international business. Among other things, the panel will hear a presentation by Professor Svetla Marinova of Aalborg University on the effects of the Covid-19 on globalisation. Marinova, together with Professor Marin A. Marinov, has recently edited the book Covid-19 and International Business, in which researchers from the University of Vaasa have also written a research article. Professor Arto Ojala of the University of Vaasa talks about the change in international business models during the Covid-19 pandemic and Professor Larimo about the experiences of Finnish companies during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the effects of the Covid-10 on multinational companies in Eastern Europe, the effects of teleworking on international business and the effects of the Covid-19 in China will be discussed.

Other important themes at the conference are international business models and sustainable development research in various areas of international business. More than 100 researchers from more than 20 countries have registered for the conference.

Professor Larimo says he is pleased that the Vaasa Conference on International Business is attracting well-known researchers in the field to participate again and again.

- This reflects the appreciation of the conference and the University of Vaasa's international business research both in Finland and abroad, says Larimo.

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