Additional Internship Voucher Application Period in the Pandemic Situation 2021

We have opened an additional opportunity to apply for an internship voucher from the University of Vaasa in the pandemic situation. The goal is to support students in this challenging situation to get internships in their own study field.

The application period for the internship voucher is 1.8.-31.10.2021. The application period is based on the principle of continuous search, and a maximum of 12 vouchers will be given in the application order for internships starting in 2021.

You can apply for an internship voucher if you meet the requirements for receiving a voucher (see the requirements at website Internship Voucher) and you have obtained an internship that begins in year 2021 and requires a voucher. Before making a decision, the student's studies are checked in the student information system. The student cannot graduate during internship. A voucher cannot be applied retrospectively for an internship that has already begun.

Apply by sending an open application to: harjoittelu(at) .

The application must contain the following info:

  1. Name and contact information of the applicant
  2. Student number
  3. Study program
  4. Credits of completed studies (at least 160 ECTS or Master's degree program)
  5. The employer
  6. Time of internship
  7. Reasons for the need for a voucher

After submitting the application, the applicant will receive a Personal Study Plan for internship to be filled in and an Employer information form to be submitted to the employer. The forms must be returned to harjoittelu(at) within five (5) working days at the latest, otherwise the application will become void. If the requirements of the voucher are met, the applicant will be granted an internship voucher (value 1800 €) for the internship in question and an official internship agreement will be made between the university, the employer and the student by the University of Vaasa Career Services. Information about the decision will be sent to the applicant by email.The applications will be handled in the order of arrival.

Further information:

  • harjoittelu(at)
  • Katri Pöntinen, Career Services Amanuensis, katri.pontinen(at), 029 449 8443
  • Sunna Vainiomaa, Career Services Specialist, sunna.vainiomaa(at), 029 449 8173
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