Xiaoshu Lu appointed Professor of Energy Technology

Xiaoshu Lu, PhD, has joined the University of Vaasa as Professor of Energy Technology, her main research area being the use of renewable energy sources in building engineering. Her research group aims to provide solutions to reduce carbon emissions in the built environment through renewable energy, energy storage and artificial intelligence technologies, among others.

– Currently, the building sector is responsible for more than 30 percent of the total energy consumption and over 36 percent of the total carbon emissions in both the EU and worldwide. We are researching low-carbon building designs and construction control methods using renewable energy and energy storage technologies. This will enable us to provide practical solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, while supporting global efforts to mitigate climate change.

In her own research, Xiaoshu Lu has specialized in HVAC systems and indoor air quality at different scales, from individual buildings to entire districts and urban areas. Additionally, she admits to be passionately interested in exploring low-carbon data centers as part of her work.

Climate change calls for new innovations

She believes that in the future her research will be increasingly linked to global challenges and current phenomena such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

– Artificial intelligence, big data and various digitalisation technologies will increasingly affect my field, especially the emergence and exploitation of new AI technologies. In addition, circular economy issues related to climate change will require the development of new innovations in areas such as building materials and waste management.

Lu leads a team at the University of Vaasa focusing on renewable energy. Her work includes research, teaching, mentoring and exploring new research projects.

– One of my key responsibilities is to identify the latest research and technology trends, and to develop strategies for addressing the key challenges. Additionally, I am also responsible for supervising the work of my team members, providing guidance and support as needed to help them succeed in their research.

Lu was appointed to the tenure track path as an Assistant Professor four years ago. The tenure track system offers a path for a researcher to progress to the position of full professor through regular evaluations.

Before coming to Vaasa, she has worked in the fields of occupational health, safety, ergonomics and biomedical data analysis, at the Institute of Occupational Health (TTL) and at Aalto University as acting professor, among others. She received her PhD from the Helsinki University of Technology in 2002.

– I chose technology as my discipline because my basic education in mathematics and physics had provided me a strong foundation for understanding and utilising technology. I believe that technology can be a powerful tool for solving complex problems and improving our lives, and I am excited to be a part of this field.



  • Name: Xiaoshu Lü
  • Place of birth: Changchun, China
  • Education: PhD
  • Career: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Aalto University
  • Surprising fact: Worked seven years at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (TTL) specializing in health data analysis in the area of human health and wellbeing. The work at TTL involved analysing various types of health-related data, such as medical records, survey responses, and workplace reports. This experience gave her a deep understanding of the importance of data in informing decisions, as well as the ability to use sophisticated data analysis techniques to uncover patterns and trends that can help improve decisions.
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