Works by artist Kaarina Heikinheimo at the University of Vaasa

The works "Vain yhden päivän lento" ("Just one day's flight") and "Matkalla seitsemänteen taivaaseen" ("On the way to the seventh heaven") by the artist Kaarina Heikinheimo from Vaasa are now on exhibition in the Ankkuri building.

- We want to develop the campus into a workplace that promotes well-being, and art plays an important role in this. The works now on exhibition are examples of how art can bring warmth and depth to modern architecture. In addition to the renovated buildings, the entire campus will be enlivened by art in the future," says Rector Minna Martikainen.

Kaarina Heikinheimo is known as a textile artist whose artistic career spans more than five decades. Heikinheimo "paints" with yarn, which, alongside traditional linen, means working with copper wire or glass thread. As an artist, she represents an independent and original way of working with her hands. Heikinheimo lives and works in Vaasa.

Heikinheimo says that the work  "Vain yhden päivän lento" ("Just one day's flight") is the main work of her career, which she has kept in the dark for years.

- In this work, woven on linen and copper looms, I have used human bodies as my subject matter, resembling dragonflies flying and spinning in the light.

"Matkalla seitsemänteen taivaaseen" ("On the way to the seventh heaven") is a braided work.

- I think the heart says it all.

- I am very happy and proud that both my main artistic work and the heart will be displayed in the wonderful facilites of the university. After all, the university also has a heart as a symbol of caring.

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