Pekka Lind makes a significant art donation to the University of Vaasa

Pekka Lind, a lawyer and art collector from Vaasa, has donated a collection of art of cultural and historical interest to the University of Vaasa. Lind signed the donation agreement today together with Rector Minna Martikainen.

The collection consists of 84 works by Finnish artists, 20 of which are sculptures, the rest watercolours and oil paintings. The agreement stipulates that the total number of works to be donated may be larger. Lind has previously deposited art collections at the new hospital in the Pohjanmaa welfare area and at the Vuorikoti Home in Vaasa.

The oldest works to be donated to the university are from the early 1900s, such as sculptures by Ville Vallgren and Jussi Mäntysen, and the most recent are by Finland's best-known contemporary painters, such as Mari Rantas. Several paintings by Vaasa artists from different decades are included, adding to the local historical interest. The collection includes both figurative and abstract art. The works will be placed in the hallways, meeting rooms and rooms of Ankkuri and Tervahovi buildings during the summer and autumn.

Pekka Lind acquired his first work at the age of only 14. Art became an important lifeline on his industrious career path. Numerous artists such as Lauri Ahlgren, Nandor Mikola, Fritz Jacobsson and Nina Terno have become good friends with Lind. When buying art, it has been essential to hear what the artist himself had in mind when creating the work. Bilingual conversations about art and life have been an important part of Lind's art collecting.

- I am delighted that the University of Vaasa is able to invest in art to enhance the comfort of its fine new facilities. The university plays a very important role in the vitality of the city of Vaasa. Science and art together help the city to develop even better.

- The University of Vaasa is grateful and delighted for Pekka Lind's donation. The University's renovated buildings are modern and stylish. Art gives the campus a warmth and cultural depth that makes students and staff feel more comfortable, says Rector Minna Martikainen.

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