University of Vaasa’s Master's programme in Robotics starts in autumn in Pori in cooperation with SAMK

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The University of Vaasa's Master's programme in Robotics will start in Pori in autumn 2024. Applications for the Master's programme in cooperation with Satakunta University of Applied Sciences can be submitted between 2 and 15 May 2024. The agreement to establish a professorship in energy-related robotics applications and to start the Master's programme was signed in 2022.

The collaboratively developed Master's programme in Robotics will be implemented as a hybrid solution. Students in Pori will be taught directly from the University of Vaasa campus and students in Vaasa will be able to follow classroom teaching from Pori. Applications are open to those with a relevant bachelor's degree in Finland. The studies will take place at the SAMK Pori campus. The Ulla Tuominen Foundation and Eurajoen Säästöpankkisäätiö are cooperating.

The robotics studies consist of three modules: robotics, digitalisation and business studies. The Master's degree will focus on smart technologies for future sustainable energy systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning, wireless communications and energy storage, for example. It will enable the creation of smart robotic solutions using the latest information and automation technologies in the areas of smart energy, sustainable battery production and recycling.

Starting next autumn, students in robotics will begin their studies at both the Vaasa and Pori campuses. In Vaasa we will use Technobothnia's laboratories and in Pori we will have access to SAMK's amazing laboratory facilities. The educational opportunity is to implement digitally enhanced classroom teaching simultaneously on the two campuses. For the students in Pori, it is especially great that they will become part of the SAMK technology community and business partners, says Raine Hermans, Dean of the School of Technology and Innovations at the University of Vaasa.

Satakunta and Ostrobothnia top Finnish regions in value added in manufacturing

The professorship will strengthen cooperation between Ostrobothnia and Satakunta in research on green School of Technology and Innovations at the University of Vaasa. The Professor will have a workstation at SAMK's Pori campus, where he will be attached to the RoboAI research centre and its scientific community of more than 50 researchers and experts. 

– The Professor is responsible for research and education in the field, with a focus on international evaluation. The new professor is expected to start next autumn and will be based primarily in Pori, adds Hermans.

Per capita, Satakunta and Ostrobothnia are the top regions in Finland in terms of value added in manufacturing. They rank third and fourth in per capita value of exports, after Central Ostrobothnia and Lapland. In both regions, companies have already made and are planning billion-euro investments in the green transition and battery technology. Together, the University of Vaasa and SAMK want to support business growth in both regions.

– The professorship and master's programme will focus on four areas that are important for our region: robotics, battery technologies, clean transition and business skills. The cooperation with the University of Vaasa will open up unique opportunities for Satakunta companies to increase human resources and exploit new technologies, says Cimmo Nurmi, Vice rector of research at SAMK. 

In addition to the professorship and the Master's programme, the cooperation will launch numerous research projects between SAMK, the University of Vaasa and companies in both regions.

For more information:

Dean Raine Hermans, University of Vaasa, 029 449 8622
Vice rector of research Cimmo Nurmi, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, 044 710 3371
Ombudsman Ola Saarinen, Ulla Tuomisen säätiö, 050 500 2831
CEO Matti Saustila, Eurajoen Säästöpankkisäätiö, 040 730 6161 

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