University of Vaasa and Wärtsilä Finland agreed on extensive strategic partnership in education and research

University of Vaasa is celebrating its 56th anniversary on Friday 26 January under the theme "Energy for the Future". The theme highlights the core of the new strategy of the university – the university’s goal to be a strong university that through its research and education is at the forefront of addressing the energy transition and the move towards a carbon-neutral society. Solving this global issue requires harnessing all the university's fields of research and expertise in sustainable business, technology, and social sciences.

At the anniversary celebration, the University of Vaasa and Wärtsilä Finland signed a comprehensive strategic agreement for collaboration in research and education. The goal of the agreement is to promote cooperation for sustainable well-being, competitiveness, and vitality. 

– In our new strategy, we strongly pursue increased and broader research and education collaboration with companies. We will collaborate with Wärtsilä, creating new research projects whenever it adds shared value. Through active collaboration, we aim to ensure that in all our fields – business, technology, and social sciences – we train experts even in a targeted manner tailored to meet Wärtsilä's needs. The key is continuous dialogue, says Rector Minna Martikainen.

– Developing diverse expertise and attracting professionals to the Vaasa region will be even more critical in the future. For instance, the ongoing energy transition requires collaboration among various stakeholders, and we aim to strengthen this, especially in energy technology, systems, and related business models. Security of energy supply is a hot topic to which our collaboration has much to offer, says Hannu Mäntymaa, managing director of Wärtsilä Finland.

The University of Vaasa and Wärtsilä have collaborated in various fields for a long time. This strategic agreement extends, diversifies, and deepens this collaboration. The university and Wärtsilä commit to advancing the green transition and achieving sustainable development goals through multidisciplinary experiments.

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