There is still time to complete the Introduction to Global Studies online course (3 ECTS) by EUNICE!

The Introduction to Global Studies online course is still available until the 31st of May 2023. Study at your own pace, learn about many interesting aspects of globalisation and gain 3 ECTS credits! The course is offered by the European EUNICE network.

How does globalisation affect our business, society and culture? Learn more about the topic by taking the online course Introduction to Global Studies (3 ECTS). This massive online open course (MOOC) is co-created by seven universities from the EUNICE European University for Customised Education network, resulting in a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach to the topic.

As it is an introductory course, the MOOC can be easily followed by students from different backgrounds and interests. You can start your studies anytime from the EUNICE MOOC login page. Students and staff from the University of Vaasa can access the course using their University of Vaasa credentials.

The course consists of eight lessons with a wide range of video and written contents. You will be able to follow the lessons and complete the activities at your own pace until the 31st of May. 

After successfully completing the course, you will gain 3 ECTS credits. If you are a student at the University of Vaasa, these ECTS credits will be recognised as a part of your degree. Additionally, a certificate issued by EUNICE on behalf of all EUNICE member universities will be sent to all the participants.



EUNICE, the European University for Customised Education, is designed to solve social and economic challenges, both globally and locally. In 2020, EUNICE was selected during the second call for pilot projects of European Universities of the European Commission. EUNICE is nurtured by ten universities’ intellectual and infrastructure input –Poznań University of Technology (Poland), Brandenburg University of Technology (Germany), University of Cantabria (Spain), University of Mons (Belgium), University of Catania (Italy), Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (France), University of Vaasa (Finland), Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (Portugal), University of Peloponnese (Greece) and University of Karlstad (Sweden)–.

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