Professor Arto Ojala appointed visiting professor at Kyoto University

Arto Ojala, Professor of International Business, has been appointed as a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Kyoto University. He will begin his appointment in February, when he will travel to Japan to teach a new course. The appointment follows Professor Ojala's long-standing research and teaching collaboration with Kyoto University.

– For about 15 years, I have collaborated with colleagues at Kyoto University in various research and teaching activities. There have been guest lectures and seminars. They have also visited Finland. We have done joint research on topics such as digital business models and the games industry, which is strong in both Japan and Finland. Our latest joint research is on space business and space economy, says Professor Arto Ojala.

Ojala's upcoming course in Japan will focus on Global Digital Business.

– I have taught the same course at the University of Vaasa. It will be interesting to see how well the course can be transferred to a completely different cultural context and tailored to a group of students who may not have a background in the subject. 

Ojala plans to spend four weeks in Japan during the current semester. In addition to teaching, he is working on gathering material for his research and completing his new book, Space Business: Emerging Theory and Practice, which he is co-editing with a professor from Kyoto University.

– The collaboration with Kyoto University has been important for networking, data collection and research collaboration. It also benefits our university and our School of Marketing and Communication in terms of international visibility and collaboration. Whenever I visit, I always tell people about the University of Vaasa and the opportunities to study here in Vaasa, says Ojala.

Professor Arto Ojala and students in Japan.

According to Ojala, good collaboration can also open up new networking opportunities for students.

– A doctoral student from the University of Vaasa will visit the University of Kyoto.

Kyoto University is the second largest university in the country after the University of Tokyo. It has 22,000 students and is the second oldest university in Japan.

– Finland has a very good image in Japan. Everyone knows about the Moomins, the northern lights and Finnish design. Combine this with the very good reputation of Kyoto University, and this combination effectively opens doors and creates excellent opportunities for visiting companies.

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