Please answer the learning environment survey

We ask you to reply to a Webropol survey, where you can evaluate what kind of learning environment your university offers for study and teaching.

Learning environment is evaluated from five perspectives: physical study and teaching facilities, pedagogical solutions, social interaction, the use of teaching technology, and the use of various off-campus study places.

The link to the survey is in the email that has been sent to you.

The survey is completely anonymous. You need to set aside about 20 minutes for it. Please reply as soon as possible, but before 31.1.

The survey is conducted at four universities (Eastern Finland, Turku, Vaasa and Tampere) and at three universities of applied sciences (Tampere, Karelia and JAMK). The results are used to support each university's own self-assessment and the development of the quality of the learning environment, which in Vaasa also supports the ongoing campus development. You can find the research and privacy information on the first page of the survey.

More information:  

  • Contact person in the University of Vaasa: Sanna Eronen (sanna.eronen(at), tel. 029 449 8084)
  • More general information about the survey is available from its developer: professor Jyri Manninen (jyri.manninen(at), tel. 050 3815 359)
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