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Student Mental Health Day last week was a tremendous success. During the campaign, over half a million people were reached. The campaign held around the day was themed with the theme: #HelpWorthy. For example, on Twitter Finnish hashtag #AvunArvoinen was mentioned in 215 tweets with a total reach of nearly 375,000. The viral cloud of the day (see above) was great to watch.

During the Students’ Mental Health Day campaign Nyyti published seven stories written by students themselves. The stories deal with the writers’ struggles to dare to seek help and to get help. The stories are timeless in content and can be enjoyed by many who themselves struggle with similar difficulties. The stories can be read on our website. Visit to read and share for others to read!

In this newsletter you will also find information about Nyyti's chats, NyytiTalk broadcasts and NyytiCast podcasts.

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Thank You #HelpWorthy – Students’ Mental Health Day 2021

Thank you for patricipating in #HelpWorthy-campaign! The time for next year´s campaign is from 4th to 14th April 2022, and the actual Students´ Mental Health Day will be held on Wednesday, April 13th 2022

Please answer the campaign feedback survey!

Nyyti´s Chat

Nyyti’s chats in May

  • Tue 11 May from 3 pm to 5 pm Feeling lonely in your studies? 
    Do you feel lonely in your studies? Like you don’t have friends to ask for help in your studies, or a group where you can be yourself? Perhaps you feel like an outsider – does anybody notice me; do I matter? Or maybe things are fine on the surface, but you still feel lonely from time to time. The pandemic may also have affected your connections to other people.
    In this group chat, you’ll be able to talk with other students who share similar experiences of loneliness. We’ll explore ways to deal with feelings of loneliness, to connect with others and to support one’s well-being.
    By participating in the chat and sharing your thoughts you can also help others who are feeling lonely.


Breaking the silence: Mental illness, academia and seeking help

How is mental illness in academia conceived of from the point of view of a PhD student? Is there help available? How are people who speak out about mental problems met in the academic community? How can one help break the stigma with one’s own actions?

These and many more interesting questions were touched upon on Saturday 17 April at 5 p.m. when Nyyti’s trainee Anastasia Lukina Macnab interviewed PhD student Mareike Paul about breaking the silence surrounding mental illness in academia.

Watch the broadcast and read further information on our website

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