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March has begun with the sun shining and spring is already knocking on the door. Spring brings many kinds of buzz when it comes to Nyyti. In March, we talk about environmental feelings, chat about self-criticism and studies.

April will bring municipal elections. You can also promote mental health by voting in municipal elections. April 22 is Student Mental Health Day. Around the day there is a campaign with the theme: The right for help.

Nyyti´s chat

Nyyti’s chats in March

  • Thu 11 March from 6 pm to 8 pm Is self-criticism helping or hurting my studies?
    Do you suffer from self-criticism in demanding situations or after them? Can self-criticism be useful? Relationship with oneself develops through life. Join us to discuss how to create a more merciful relationship with yourself.

Municipal Elections 2021

Municipalities make decisions that directly affect youth and students’ daily lives. We want to do our part in raising youth and students’ participation levels in voting by discussing themes that are important to them: mental health and communality!

Nyyti wants to remind and encourage candidates to think of concrete actions that could improve mental health and well-being on a municipal level.

Nyyti’s municipal election goals are threefold:

  1. Young people and students in need of help shall not be left to wait.
  2. Mental health skills should be reinforced through the whole educational path.
  3. We can make a difference in mental health – vote for a living environment that promotes mental health.

Support, Skills, and Inclusivity – Improved Mental Health and Wellbeing!

Students’ Mental Health Day 2021

Students’ Mental Health Day will be held again this spring. The day will be Thursday 22 April, and the campaign will run for two weeks, from 12 to 23 April 2021.

The theme this year’s campaign is communality and right for help. Our goal is to provoke conversations about students’ mental health and to invite everyone to support the cause of mental wellbeing.

Join us – Mind matters!

The campaign's challenge on social media will encourage people to share their thoughts and experiences of seeking help. To encourage this, we want to collect and share some pre-collected stories.

Do you have experiences of seeking help? Can you imagine sharing your experiences with others in the form of a story?

Share us your story! You may write your story either anonymously or under your own name. You can leave us your story via a form on the website.



NyytiTalk deals with themes related to, for example, student life and wellbeing. relationships, studying and coping with everyday life. Broadcasts are mainly in Finnish, but you can find also broadcasts in Swedish and English.

You can watch the broadcast either live from 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm and join the conversation or watch the recording later on Nyyti’s YouTube channel.

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