Let’s meet with our cameras turned on, please

Kohdataanhan kamerat auki - Let’s meet with our cameras turned on
As the autumn term begins again, we encourage everyone at the university to pay special attention to our encounters with each other and work to improve our interaction with each other.

As a follow-up to the Open Cameras Day last spring, we have put together a Zoom netiquette to improve the interaction and flow of online teaching sessions and other online meetings. University staff - especially teaching staff - have been asked to bear this netiquette in mind during lectures and other online meetings.

The purpose of the netiquette is to promote an effective and safe online learning environment and foster student engagement with online learning. The netiquette can also provide a useful guide for group work sessions and other more informal online meetings.

The Student Union are also encouraging everyone to turn on their cameras with their own social media campaign.

Last spring, The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE also initiated lively discussion on the topic: ‘Would it improve online teaching if students turned on their cameras?’ (in Finnish).

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