Latest corona information of Vaasa, if coming to Finland from abroad

Some of you are travelling during this holiday season. If you are coming to Finland and Vaasa from abroad, keep in mind that, for the moment, the recommendations and restrictions of the Vaasa Hospital District are stricter than the national travel instructions and recommendations (THL).

Latest corona information of the Vaasa Hospital District is available at the following link:

We ask you follow these instructions upon your arrival to Finland and Vaasa when coming from abroad:

Remember to keep safety distance when possible, maintain good hand hygiene and use a face mask. Every person entering Finland should take a coronavirus test at their point of entry. Arriving passengers have the opportunity to be tested for example at the Helsinki Airport (the PCR test is free of charge). If testing is not possible at the point of entry, it should be done in Vaasa as soon as possible after arrival (free for students and staff of UVA).

COVID-19 tests taken abroad are not valid/accepted and not taken into account.

Contact Vaasa Central Hospital`s Corona center to schedule a time for your test (mention that you are a UVA student):

  • phone: +358 6 213 5312

Upon entry to Finland, you should self-quarantine for ten (10) days. During this time, you should not leave your home unless absolutely necessary and avoid all social contacts. Remember that after quarantine you can be in contact with a maximum of ten people at once. Currently all studies at the University of Vaasa are online and there are no activities at the university campus.

A second corona test is taken on the seventh (7) day of your quarantine. Contact the Vaasa Central hospital to schedule the test. If this test result is negative, you are free to move after the completion of ten-day quarantine. In other case, you will be given further instructions from the hospital.

If you are arriving from an EU / EEA territory, you must carry a European Health Insurance Card issued by an EU Member State and a student arriving from outside the EU / EEA territory must have a certificate of valid health insurance issued by a private insurance company.

We advise you to download and use the Koronavilkku app (free of charge) which helps to break infection chains. The app can be downloaded on the following website:

The guidelines are strict and have been made to ensure everyone’s safety.  Remember to always use a facemask in public places and transportation, and keep safety distance.

The pandemic effects the whole society so let us do everything we can to stop COVID-19 together.

Thank you for your cooperation and complying with these recommendations.

If you have questions, please contact:

Vaasa Central Hospital to schedule a test time

  • phone: +358 6 213 5312

University of Vaasa

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