A large number of applicants expected for the renewed doctoral programme of the University of Vaasa

The spring application round for the renewed doctoral programme begins on 1 April. Coordinator Niklas Lundström from the Graduate School is expecting a lot of applicants. The number has grown steadily in the previous rounds.

A new doctoral programme that replaces the three previous programmes is beginning at the University of Vaasa. The new doctoral programme covers three different disciplines, which are social sciences, business studies and technical sciences, and 19 fields of research.  Major subjects are the same as in the previous doctoral programmes. You apply for one joint doctoral programme but select the field of research according to your discipline. You can become a doctor of science in economics and business administration, technology, administrative sciences, or philosophy.

- The doctoral education of the University of Vaasa has attracted applicants year after year. We have had many international applicants every year, and today just under a third of our doctoral students are international, says Coordinator Niklas Lundström from the Graduate School.

Good employment of graduates is behind the popularity of doctoral degrees.

- Surveys carried out in recent years show that our doctoral alumni are employed well both in academia as well as in various management and development tasks in the private and public sectors.

Opportunities to get funding for studies interest applicants.

- An interesting opening at the University of Vaasa is the opening of salaried positions for doctoral researchers along with the application for doctoral studies. This is a great opportunity to get funding for your doctoral dissertation and a job at the university at the same time.

Some of the salaried positions are reserved for beginning doctoral students and some for the more advanced. Some are also connected to the Finland Fellowship funding received from the ministry and earmarked for non-EU and non-EEA applicants.

The spring application round for the doctoral programme of the University of Vaasa begins on Studyinfo.fi on 1 April. The application deadline is at 15.00 on 2 May. Admissions to the doctoral programme are open twice a year.

An info session will be organised for all interested in doctoral studies on 6 April at 15–16 in Finnish and at 16–17 in English. You can join us in auditorium Nissi or participate via Zoom.

Further information:

Coordinator of doctoral education Niklas Lundström
Tel.+358 29 449 8381, niklas.lundstrom@uwasa.fi

See the instructions for applying and admission criteria.

Apply at Studyinfo.fi

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