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Vaasa Climate Change Conference & Networking Forum will be held in Vaasa from 26th to 28th of September 2019. This brand new, three-day event combines a scientific conference, science and nature films, and discussion forums. It brings worldwide knowledge, especially from the Nordic context, to Vaasa.
Vaasan yliopiston VEBIC- ja Digital Economy -tutkimusalustat järjestävät ensimmäisen päivän tieteelliset sessiot. Kuva: CC

The event seeks to inspire broader audiences to pursue local solutions to fight against climate change. Researchers, students, business representatives, film-makers, politicians and decision-makers as well as organisations, citizens and families are welcome to attend this free event.

The programme has been published on the event's website. The scientific conference (the first and the second day of the event) will be organised at the University of Vaasa. The programme consists of five sessions in which documentary films, scientific lectures and panel discussions are combined in a unique format. The third day is targeted for broader audiences – families and citizens interested in climate change – and features film screenings and artistic performances hosted at the Culture House Fanny and Vaasa Main Library Drama Hall.

“The aim of the event is to develop effective solutions to halt climate change and promote the circular economy and spread awareness of these issues,” says Jukka P. Seppälä, the coordinator of the event.

“Climate change is happening now. We are witnessing the evidence of its consequences across the globe. In our speeches and panel discussions, we will highlight the key themes of sustainable development from the perspectives of science, business and society. The documentary films will visually complement our lectures and talks,” says Suvi Karirinne, Director of the University of Vaasa VEBIC research platform.

The VEBIC and the Digital Economy research platforms will organise scientific sessions during the first day of the event.

The first session will be led by Karirinne. The panel discussion will provide information on how different circular economy solutions could help to fight climate change. The keynote speaker is R&D Director Hannamaija Fontell from Biolan.

The second session of the first day will be organised by professor Heidi Kuusniemi, Director of the University of Vaasa Digital Economy research platform. The theme will be the role of space-based data in fighting climate change.

The second day of the conference is organised by the Nordic Energy Value Network NEEN, Luleå University of Technology, and Wildlife Vaasa Support Association. The first session of the day deals with how women are accelerating the sustainable energy transition. The second session focuses on climate change in the arid and semi-arid areas of the globe with professor Nadhir Al-Ansari from Luleå University of Technology. The third session will showcase local solutions to climate change. The keynote speaker of the session is professor Wein Visser, the Director of Kaleidoscope Futures Ltd.

Puppet theatre, nature movies, film-makers and music

The purpose of the third day of the event is to popularise the themes of the conference to the public through nature films. The day is organised by the city of Vaasa’s library and cultural services. The nature films come from the archive of Vaasa Wildlife Film Festival.

The programme of the day includes puppet theatre, interactive nature films with Finnish and Swedish subtitles, a panel discussion with film-makers, the world premiere of a film about Eero Murtomäki, and a concert at the Culture House Fanny.

The venues of the conference are auditoriums Wolff and Mathilda in the main building of the University of Vaasa (Wolffintie 34), the Culture House Fanny (Kirkkopuistikko 34), and the Drama Hall of the Main Library (Kirjastonkatu 13).

Vaasa Climate Confrence & Networking Forum

September 26-28, 2019

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The event is organized by the Wildlife Vaasa Film Festival Support Association, the VEBIC and Digital Economy Research Platforms of the University of Vaasa, Luleå University of Technology, Vaasa Libraries and Cultural Services, NEEN / NEF, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences VAMK, Vaasa Lyseo High School, Cinema Center Bothnia. The event is funded by the Ostrobothnian Federation and the Veljekset Gröndahl Foundation.

More information

Event Coordinator Jukka P. Seppälä, Wildlife Vaasa Festival Support Association, tel. +358 400 153 143,

Research Platform Director Suvi Karirinne, University of Vaasa, VEBIC tel. +358 29 449 8284,

Cultural Coordinator Ilias Missyris, City of Vaasa, tel. +358 400 800 302,

Cultural Manager Sanna Bondas, City of Vaasa,



Closing the Loop/TaWayne Visser, Indira Kartalozzi
Grassroots/Frank Oly
Tomorrow´s Climate is Today´s challenge/DEFRA
The Big Picture
Women of Dorfak
Waterkeepers Iraq/Nabil Mousa
The Fight for the Arctic/Andreas Ewels
The Sea that Disappeared/Ari Häkkinen
Queen without Land/Asgeir Helgestad
A film about Eero Murtomäki/PrettyGoodProductions Tom Miller

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