Have you found the wellbeing and guidance services you need?

Wellbeing and guidance services pop up Thur. 5.10. 11.00 am –12.30 pm.

Mikä neuvoksi -project’s first wellbeing and guidance services pop up is held during FSHS’s week of wellbeing 5th of October at Fabriikki’s first floor in the lobby of August.

There is the study psychologist, sports services and study counselors. FSHS nurses are also present, with whom you can come and discuss stress management and StressLess groups.

Welcome to chat over coffee!

What: Welfare and guidance services pop up
Where: restaurant August's lobby, on the first floor of Fabriikki
When: Thursday 5.10. from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m

You can find student well-being services and guidance services on the Students website under Well-being and safety and Guidance and counselling.

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