Fourteen people applied for the position of Rector – Executive direct search still under way

Kuva kesäisestä kampuksesta.
The University of Vaasa is looking for a new Rector for the term beginning January 2023. The University Board elects the Rector for a period up to five years. Fourteen people applied for the position by the deadline 1.5.2022.

Alongside to the public search, an executive direct search for candidates is used in the Rector’s recruitment process. All candidates interested in the position will only be known after the working group appointed by the University Board has contacted the individuals and decided on the interviews. The executive direct search is managed by the recruitment agency Mercuri Urval.

Public applications (in alphabetical order):

Saleem Basha
Abdullahi Basro
Marko Hakovirta
Mari Hatavara
Muhammad Javed
Mika-Petri Laakkonen
Harry Linnarinne
Georg Macher
Timo Mantere
Minna Martikainen
Sakari Palko
V.J.K. Kishor Sonti
Petri Uusikylä
Omar Veledar

The Rector leads the University’s operations and personnel and is responsible for the University’s successful, economical and efficient management in accordance with the University’s strategic guidelines. The requirements for the Rector’s position include amongst others a doctoral degree and academic experience, experience in developing employee well-being and operating culture, evidence of national and international cooperation, and efficient leadership skills demonstrated in practice.

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