First double bachelor degree at University of Vaasa

Uutisen oletuskuva
The University of Vaasa has signed its first double bachelor degree agreement. The agreement is with the University of Economics in Prague and their International Business Programme.
Vaasan yliopisto on sopinut kaksoistutkintosopimuksen kandidaattiohjelmaan Prahan kauppakorkeakoulun kanssa. Kuva: Jan Blanicky, Pixabay

Assistant Professor and Programme Manager Olivier Wurtz is very happy and pleased with the new co-operation agreement. The University of Economics in Prague is a very prestigious partner.

– The University is continuously ranked first or second best Business University in the Central and Eastern region of Europe, Wurtz tells.

According to Wurtz a double degree and studying abroad helps students to find jobs.

- Students learn a lot abroad, and companies value these experiences.

The co-operation agreement will also bring students form Prague to Vaasa.

In addition to this new agreement the University of Vaasa has seven double degree agreements for Master’s Programmes. During the last years, 25 students from the University of Vaasa and about 50 students from partner Universities have completed a double degree.

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