Uutisen oletuskuva

Nordplus is a programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers, which supports e.g. mobility. Students can study their own field in field-specific network or use Nordlys, which gives the possibility whatever they want if the host university agrees to it.

You can find the Nordplus networks of University of Vaasa here: /en/for/student/studies/internationalisation/exchange/destinations/info/

University of Vaasa and 32 other universities have signed multilateral Erasmus/Nordplus agreement, which gives the possibility for the selected Nordlys-exchange students from the academic year 2019/20 onwards to receive their grants from the Erasmus+ Programme. The grant amounts will change accordingly.

Nordlys-destinations that are eligible for Erasmus+ grant are available on Mobility Services website: /en/for/student/studies/internationalisation/exchange/destinations/info/nordlys/

Exchange is also possible to those Nordlys-destinations that have not signed multilateral Erasmus/Nordplus agreement, such as University of Stockholm and Götebörgs University. The grant for Nordplus agreements is roughly 200€ for each month of exchange.

All Erasmus/Nordlys- exchange students will receive further information and advice well before the beginning of their exchange period from the Mobility Servivces.

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