The Day of Well-Being is on 30.3.2022

Hyvinvointipäivä 2022 - The Day of Well-Being 2022
The Day of Well-being is hosted by the University of Vaasa and The Student Union of the University of Vaasa.

The Day of Well-being will be held on Wednesday the 30th of March

During the Day of Well-Being, wellness-related activities will be organized for students and staff. The Day of Well-Being is held on campus and the program can be attended on campus. We will monitor the corona situation and make changes to the program if neccessary.  

This year, the theme of the Day of well-Being is communality. The theme will be addressed during the day’s program from different perspectives.

The Day of Well-Being program and schedule will be published during March

Follow VYY's social media channels (the student union has an account on Instagram and Facebook), and you will hear the latest news about the Day of Well-Being.

Get ready for the Day of Well-being by downloading the Break Pro break exercise program to your computer! 

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