Choose stairs!

Uutisen oletuskuva
The meaning of daily mundane workplace exercise is far greater than a more intense bout of sporting exercise. Workplace exercise effects throughout the day. So choose the stairs!

Take a step towards health – exercise brightens up the day

On 4-10 November, our university celebrates the Stair Days. The purpose of the Stair Days is to draw people’s attention to making small everyday choices that benefit their health, like choosing the stairs instead of the lift. You can now find encouraging messages in lifts and staircases; we hope they help everyone take a step towards well-being.

You can find more information at the address There you can also see all communities in Finland that are involved in the national Stair Days in 2019.

The Stair Days are realised by the Fit for Life Program.

Have a happy, energetic day! See you in the staircase!


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