Campus activities continue as normal


The police informed on 15 March 2024 that they have apprehended an individual suspected of preparing a serious crime against life or health. The person was remanded in custody on Friday 15 March. The investigation is ongoing. The police are handling the case and are responsible for communication.

According to the information obtained from the official investigation, there is nothing to indicate that the University of Vaasa was a target. The police led the action and informed the university about the case. The university took usual precautions as soon as it was informed. At the request of the university, the police checked the campus and surveillance was stepped up, but nothing unsafe was found. The university is actively and carefully following the matter.

– It is understandable that there is concern and anxiety. However, it is important to remember that nothing bad has happened and put the matter into perspective. We thank the authorities for their extremely professional cooperation, which creates security for society as a whole. We kindly ask that the police are given the chance to do their work and to avoid speculation and the sharing of material, which could at worst mislead the investigation. Let's look after each other and not leave anyone alone, says the university's rector, Minna Martikainen

The University of Vaasa's normal activities include security and preparedness planning and safety training. In addition, preparations have been launched to provide even more comprehensive safety training for university staff and students.

– Next autumn, we will have our entire renovated and stunning campus at our disposal. In order to introduce it and to further develop our community spirit, we are also launching activities together with students to develop our community's ability to be together, to care for each other, and to develop together, Martikainen continues. 

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