The Big Heart award 2022 goes to Tiina Jokinen

Tiina Jokinen peukuttaa hymyillen Vaasan yliopiston Suuri Sydän -bannerin edessä.
HR and Management Services assistant Tiina Jokinen was awarded with the Big Heart award this year. The Big Heart award is an equality award given by the University of Vaasa. The award was given on the Day of Well-Being, March 30th.

Tiina Jokinen sees every member of the work community as equals. Her every-day interactions with colleagues advance fairness, equality, and non-discrimination. She also acknowledges other people as individuals, regardless of their status or position. Tiina meets people with warmth, consideration and a helpful attitude, in both Finnish and English.

˗ Equality and inclusion are important values to me. Receiving this award feels good and I am happy that I have succeeded in presenting these values through my actions. In relation to this, my motto is:

Equality is not in regarding different things similarly; equality is in regarding different things differently.”
- Tom Robbins.

The Big Heart award may be given to a person or a group that has promoted equality in the university community. The award is given by the Equality work group according to the nominations presented by members of the university community. Any member of the university community may nominate a member of the university community or a person or group from outside the community whose activities are closely tied to the University of Vaasa as recipient of the award.

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