Apply to FITech spring courses starting on 7 November

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Find a course from extensive FITech offering during your studies or after graduation

FITech offers a low threshold for learning something new because studying on FITech courses doesn’t cost anything. In addition to this, the courses are of very high quality as they are part of the study offering of Finnish universities of technology. You can get to know a new subject on a beginner level course or deepen your knowledge on intermediate or advanced courses.

We offer altogether over 150 courses in ICT, 5G technology and energy storages from nine Finnish universities. Many courses are arranged as online courses and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) but in many cases, there is an option to participate in contact teaching on the university campus.

The application period starts on Monday 7 November at 12 pm and the application deadline is about a week before the start date of each course. The first courses of spring 2023 start on the second week of January which means that the last day to apply for these courses is on New Year’s Day.

Read more and apply to courses available for degree students on Studies page!

After your graduation you can study FITech courses. During your studies, you can apply to the courses that are available also for degree students. If the amount of students is limited, persons without a valid study right at a Finnish university of university of applied sciences have preference to the courses. 

FITech study offering next spring features both new and previously seen courses. You can find several new MOOCs on accessibility by Tampere University. Another one of our new MOOCs is Introduktion till informationsteknologi which will give you a presentation of information technology in Swedish. 

The Finnish Institute of Technology (FITech) is a network of Finnish universities of technology. The projects of FITech network are funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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