Apply to be an international tutor for this spring semester (2020)

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The time for you to apply and become an international tutor next semester, spring 2020, is here!

One of the most important people helping us to promote internationalization within the University are international tutors.

Studying in University can be more than studying, and you can gain international experiences and other valuables skills outside the classrooms. Being international tutor can be suitable for that purpose.

So why don’t you check out what do international tutors actually do?


You can visit this site and read more about international tutor’s tasks:


However, keep in mind, this position is more than a list of tasks to complete. Its purpose is also developing people skills and intercultural communication understanding. Most of all, it is about having fun and making new friendships!

Stay tuned for a new published site with many blog posts from past international tutors, sharing with you their own stories.


** To apply, please visit here to know more about criteria regarding the application:

*** TO DIRECTLY SEND APPLICATION, just use this link:

Deadline for applying is 1.11.2019.

Contact for more information, or to address any questions/concerns:

  • Ms. Nghi Dang (office room: L107)

email: nghi.dang(at)

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