Annie support service rounds begin for the year 2023


The University of Vaasa continues the implementation of Annie support message rounds.

The target group for the next support message round will be all bachelor’s and master’s degree students in technology. The messages will be sent in two parts as follows:

  • Master’s during week 18 and
  • Bachelor’s during week 19.

The message will be sent out as a traditional text message from number +358 457 396 0303 and will ask if the student would like support with any issues related to studying or well-being. 

The goal is to make asking and getting help as easy as possible. Please, answer the message even if you don’t need support at the moment. We would like to know what your current situation is!

If you have questions or comments, please turn to your study counsellor.

For information about other well-being and support services available to students, see the Students webpages, under Well-being and safety and Support and study guidance.

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