CREATHON - Mirka Innovation Challenge @Muova

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The Mirka Innovation Challenge is an open innovation event dedicated to creating new solutions and curve-jumping, paradigm shifting ideas for sustainable future and growth. The challenge is organised by West Coast Startup.

We are set out to have an awesome time full of excitement, discovery and fun!

The event is realized as a part of the VAMK Circular Economy Week and the challenges will focus on the circular economy and sustainability themes.

Time: 4-6th April 2019
Place: Design Centre MUOVA (Wolffintie 36F11 / 4th floor).

Register now to reserve your place at the event.

We are looking to build cross-disciplinary and multi-talented teams for diverse and innovative outcomes.

The event is primarily directed to students and staff of VAMK and the University of Vaasa, but you can apply from other schools as well.

You can join from any background, for example:

  • Engineering (energy, mechanical design, robotics and automation, environment, IT)
  • Business, Industrial Management, Communication, Marketing
  • Or something completely different!

Our Partner and event sponsor is Mirka Ltd.

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