The University of Vaasa's new strategy will build an energetic future

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The University of Vaasa's new strategy for 2017–2020 places its trust in future business opportunities and new forms of value creation in the energy sector.

The University of Vaasa's future operations are summarised by the pledge, "energy for business and society".  The University's vision is to be a business-oriented, multidisciplinary, international university, as well as a pioneer in a world in which entirely new means of value creation are being developed.

The University of Vaasa's areas of focus will be:

  • Management and change
  • Energy and sustainable development
  • Finance and economic decision-making

Rector Suvi Ronkainen considers it important to recognise the strength of economics, as well as interconnected multidisciplinary collaboration.

"We are living in a world where old lessons are no longer valid. New means of producing value in relation to business, sustainable development and well-being are constantly emerging, and the University of Vaasa intends to be a pioneer in identifying and creating these means."

Vice Rector Jari Kuusisto points out that changes related to value creation will have a significant effect in the future in areas such as the management of businesses and public-sector organisations.

"We already have research and teaching of a strong international level in all of our areas of focus. In the future, we will combine these to analyse global challenges and value-creation mechanisms from the perspectives of energy technology, commercial applications, and management and administration."

Good international level

In research, the University of Vaasa aims to achieve a good international level, phenomenon-based activity, research packages that transcend disciplines and a well-networked researcher school.

The objective of education is to provide students with good professional and communicational bases for operating in international environments and in management and expert positions. The University also makes major investments in teachers and pedagogical expertise and the use of digital tools. Bachelor's degree programmes will be organised into broader, clearer entities, while highly profiled international Master's programmes will be developed, as well as adult education and education exports.

The University of Vaasa engages in societal interaction by producing up-to-date, high-level research and education. Vaasa's nationally significant hub of expertise in the energy sector operates on global markets and the University has close interaction with the hub in the forms of teaching, research and staff mobility.

Progress through collaboration

The University considers strategic development areas to be closer networking and collaboration between universities. Tangible manifestations of this include a joint science library shared by several universities and technical laboratories on the Palosaari campus.

In the future, collaboration with universities of applied sciences will be taken to a completely new level. The University of Vaasa has just made an agreement to initiate joint business teaching with VAMK University of Applied Sciences and Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

The University of Vaasa and VAMK University of Applied Sciences had previously declared their intentions to create an entirely new technology education path. The University of Vaasa's Faculty of Business Studies has also begun collaborating with the Umeå University School of Business and Economics.

The first joint study period and study paths will be offered in the 2016–2017 academic year.

Further information
Suvi Ronkainen, Rector, Tel: +358 29 449 8073
Jari Kuusisto, Vice Rector, Tel. +358 29 449 8291

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