University of Vaasa takes part in building technologically advanced student housing with energy efficiency and comfort in mind

The student housing of the future will not only be a place to live, but also more technologically advanced and environmentally conscious. The new apartments to be completed in Vaasa in 2025 will be at the forefront of technology and energy efficiency, offering their occupants not only comfort but also the opportunity to contribute to sustainable development.

The apartments are part of the Prolight project, in which the University of Vaasa and the Student Housing Foundation in Vaasa, or VOAS in short, are involved. Prolight is an EU-funded project that brings together innovative solutions for energy renovation from different countries. The project will test and share knowledge on how to improve the energy efficiency of different buildings. The aim is to create sustainable and smart solutions that reduce energy consumption and promote environmental sustainability.

The Vaasa site is one of the demo sites in Europe.

The new student apartments are being built in Palosaari, close to the University of Vaasa.

- The apartments will have a number of automated features. Each apartment is equipped with heat and humidity sensors to ensure optimal comfort. In addition, individual water meters in the apartments allow accurate monitoring of consumption and prevent excess water. Solar panels also contribute to energy efficiency. Surplus energy is either sold back to the grid or shared between residents. This solution not only brings savings, but also reduces the carbon footprint, says Teppo Rasku from VOAS.

The student housing also serves as a learning environment, where residents learn about energy-efficient living and the impact of their own consumption on the environment.

- This is particularly important given that housing and the building stock make up a large part of total energy consumption. Projects like this are therefore an important step towards a more sustainable future, says Päivi Haapalainen from the University of Vaasa.

Funded by the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland, these student apartments are under tight constraints and budget limitations, but nevertheless represent modern and energy-efficient housing designed for the future.

- For many students, this will be their first home where they will experience modern and responsible living, Haapalainen continues.

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