Threat of violence in Vaasa

The police informed on 15 March 2024 that they have apprehended an individual suspected of preparing a serious crime against life or health. The National Bureau of Investigation has requested the individual to be kept in custody. The police are handling the case and are responsible for communication.

According to the information obtained from the official investigation, there is nothing to indicate that the University of Vaasa was a target. The police have informed the university about the matter, and the university has taken standard measures to prepare for the situation immediately upon receiving the information. The university is actively and carefully monitoring the situation. 

– We thank the authorities for their extremely professional cooperation, which provides security for the entire society. Additionally, warm thanks to the excellent staff. Together, we maintain a safe study environment. Students are the heart of the university, and their well-being comes first. We need to take care of each other especially in difficult times, says the university's rector, Minna Martikainen.  

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