Teuvo Maunula appointed professor of practice bringing strong expertise to developing combustion engine ecology

Teuvo Maunula, DTech. has been appointed joint professor of practice for the University of Vaasa and University of Oulu, with a specialisation in catalytic aftertreatment systems. He will complete the three-year term under the School of Technology and Innovations.

Maunula provides the university with expertise related to catalytic systems used to reduce harmful emissions, environmental technology, experimental testing and simulation methods. He will participate in a variety of projects with several corporate partners. In addition to research projects, his tasks will include instructing students and researchers. 

Maunula wrote his doctoral thesis in chemical technology “NOx reduction by hydrocarbons and hydrogen on metal oxide and zeolite based catalysts in lean conditions” for Aalto University in 2007. In 2016, he was appointed docent of environmental catalysis and reaction engineering in environmental technology by Aalto University.

Maunula is a versatile expert with extensive experience in business, research and university cooperation. He has been working with the research and development of commercial catalyst systems and customer projects primarily at Kemira, Ecocat Oy and Dinex Finland Oy since 1987 and, before that, spent two years at Ahlström Oy’s research centre. 

In addition to this, he worked as a visiting catalyst research at the laboratory of the Japanese National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research from 1994 to 1995. Maunula began development work on production-scale products required by the automotive industry with three-way catalysers for petrol cars and continued to the catalysts of diesel engine emissions (oxidation, SCR, DPF, NOx trap, ASC catalysts), the development and project management of which have been his main focus in the corporate world for the past 25 years. He specialises in catalytic methods for removing nitrogen oxides and reaction engineering.

– The energy transition has been at the core of the strategy of the University of Vaasa. Thanks to his experience, Teuvo Maunula provides the university with amazing opportunities as we develop new solutions towards zero-emission combustion engines. His background supplements the current competence profile in energy engineering, and we are looking forward to working with him. Maunula’s vast business networks enable, for example,  initiating new research projects with industry, says Dean of the School of Technology and Innovations Raine Hermans in reference to the coming cooperation. 

– I look forward to leveraging my expertise with the engine and combustion technology specialists of the University of Vaasa and corporate partners. My duties involve cooperation with the University of Oulu research unit for environmental and chemical engineering as we aim for the use of green fuels (hydrogen, ammonia and e hydrocarbons) in engines of the future without emissions that are harmful to health, says Maunula. 

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Dekaani Raine Hermans, +358 (0)29 449 8622
Professor of Practice Teuvo Maunula, +358 (0)29 449 8431

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