The South Ostrobothnia Regional Fund's Prize to Professor Heidi Kuusniemi

Heidi Kuusniemi, kuva Mikko Lehtimäki
The Finnish Cultural Foundation's South Ostrobothnia Fund has awarded its 2022 Prize to Professor Heidi Kuusniemi, Director of the Digital Economy Research Platform at the University of Vaasa.

In the press release, the South Ostrobothnia fund describes Heidi Kuusniemi as a fearless technology developer and tamer of space.

According to the fund, Heidi Kuusniemi is committed to conducting research and technological innovations to improve the world. She is able to transform research into solutions that make everyday life easier and speaks about space technology, small satellites and artificial intelligence in an understandable and inspiring way. In particular, she emphasises the pursuit of sustainable development, well-being and equality.

– Heidi is a solid Ostrobothnian influencer," says Pirjo Laaksonen, member of the Board of Trustees of the South Ostrobotnia Fund.

The €15 000 prize was a huge surprise for Heidi Kuusniemi. She says that it is great to receive such recognition.

–  My guiding principle in my work in the field of engineering sciences has been very much 'making the world a better place' and this is a great encouragement to continue in that direction, says Kuusniemi.

Kuusniemi says she wants to do research that matters and has an impact.

–  I also want to use my own example to encourage young people to get interested in science and technology.

The Fund awarded 92 grants, 30% of which were for science

The Fund says in its press release that it received 464 applications for a total of €8.2 million during the application period, and 92 grants were awarded. Of the grants awarded, 45% are for the arts, 15% for children's culture and 30% for science.

The following grants were awarded for doctoral research at the University of Vaasa:

  • Ph.D. Seyed Mahoor Ebrahimi, Vaasa, for a doctoral thesis, €26 000
  • Ph.D. Pius Ewoh, Vaasa, for a doctoral thesis, 26 000 EUR
  • M.Sc. Roman Filenko, Vaasa, for a doctoral thesis, €26 000  
  • M.Sc. Khaled Fuad, Vaasa, for a doctoral thesis, €26 000
  • KTM Niklas Kurki, Helsinki, for a doctoral thesis, €13 000
  • HTM Mikko Lehtimäki, Vaasa, for a doctoral thesis, €13 000
  • FM Satu Rantakokko, Turku, for the completion of a doctoral thesis, €13 000

In addition, the LUMA Centre Ostrobothnia at the University of Vaasa was awarded a grant of €20 000 for the dissemination of multicultural STEAM science club materials in Ostrobothnia and South Ostrobothnia.

Support for Finnish language studies for researchers at the University of Vaasa

As a new funding instrument, for the first time the Puhu rohkeasti suomea (Speak Finnish Bravely!) -special grant. The three thousand euro grant was awarded to four motivated applicants committed to developing their Finnish language skills. The scholarship was awarded to Jack Tillotson, Shah Rukh Shakeel, Tatiana Garanina and Ulviyya Karimova from the University of Vaasa.



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