Sami Vähämaa elected to the Board of Directors of the Southern Finance Association

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Professor Sami Vähämaa from the School of Accounting and Finance of the University of Vaasa has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Southern Finance Association. Vähämaa is the only director from non-U.S. university.

The Southern Finance Association, SFA, is a U.S.-based scientific association founded in 1960. The purpose of the SFA is to foster the development of scientific and literary works in finance and to improve the teaching of finance. The goal of the association is to enhance communication among people who are interested in finance and work in government, business, and academic institutions. The Journal of Financial Research is published by the SFA.

Vähämaa is surprised but happy about the outcome of the election. He has been an active member of the SFA since 2006.

— I have been presenting my own research at the Annual Conference of the Southern Finance Association for 15 years now, and through that, I have met many colleagues who have now voted for me on the board, says Sami Vähämaa.

Professor Vähämaa´s main research interests include financial markets, financial institutions, corporate governance, female leadership and diversity, and corporate social responsibility.

As a finance scholar, it is important to have academic networks especially in the United States because the leading scientific journals and conferences are U.S.-based. Furthermore, most of the academic research in finance is related to the U.S. financial markets and firms.

Further information

Sami Vähämaa, Professor of Accounting and Finance, University of Vaasa, +358 29 449 8455, sami.vahamaa(@)

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