The rector of the university, Minna Martikainen: "Together we will solve the challenges of our time”

Meet Rector Minna Martikainen
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The University of Vaasa is an internationally impactful and successful science university that conducts ambitious research that creates a more sustainable future. The University of Vaasa entered a new era at the beginning of this year, when Minna Martikainen took over as rector.

According to Martikainen the university has the specific areas of expertise needed to solve our global challenges and to create a better tomorrow for us and future generations.

- I strongly believe that together we will solve the challenges of our time. I believe in science and the problem solving nature of all researchers.

Both the university and the Vaasa region are highly attractive and competitive both nationally and internationally. We attract international students and experts and successfully integrate them both into business life and society.

- Vaasa is located in the best place of the world. For companies, this is the west coast's gateway to the world. Our region plays an important role when initiating development activities in Finland. Vaasa is home to the most significant energy technology hub in the Nordic countries. The university plays an important role both as a research and educational body, as well as a strategic partner to the surrounding industry and businesses.

- I strongly believe in our vision, where the University of Vaasa is an internationally known research organisation that, together with the region's ecosystem, we will put Vaasa, the Vaasa region and Finland on the map.

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