Planned power cuts are possible during the winter – this is what happens at the university

We must be prepared for possible power cuts due to electricity shortage in the coming winter. If our local energy company Vaasan Sähkö has to regulate the electricity supply in Vaasa, it will affect the activities of the University of Vaasa too.

A notification will be sent to students via email and posted on the students’ news about a day before a potential power cut. The power cuts will last no more than two hours at a time.

During a potential power cut on campus, we will do the following:

During a power cut, all students move to distance learning and the campus is closed.

Lectures are either kept remotely or cancelled during the power cut. Teachers will inform their students of this in advance. In case of a cancellation, the teacher decides whether to replace the lecture with another lecture or an assignment.

If you have an exam in the Exam room during the power cut, please contact If you have another exam scheduled, please contact your teacher.

A power cut on campus will affect the following:

- There is no lighting
- Doors are locked and buildings are monitored (you are able to exit the buildings)
- Lifts stop
- Lunch restaurants are closed
- No exams can be done in the Exam room
- ICT Management servers are prepared to operate for two hours despite a power cut
- Air conditioning and heating are interrupted
- There may be problems with the water supply

Further information:
Head of Security Ronald Pått, tel. 029 449 8570

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