From Oodi to Peppi – important information for students

University of Vaasa campus
University of Vaasa will deploy a new student data system in late 2021. WebOodi will be replaced by a modern data ecosystem called Peppi.

The Peppi ecosystem includes a lot of diverse functions and plug-ins that will make every-day working and studying easier.

In Peppi, students can e.g.

  • plan their studies (PSP)
  • register for courses and exams
  • agree on study related matters with the instructor or teacher through messages stored in Peppi (Contract bank)
  • get electronic study certificates and transcripts of academic records
  • apply for courses completed at another institution to be registered to their degree (recognition of prior learning) (deployment in year 2022)

The students’ functions are compiled cleverly to the student’s desktop in Peppi. The contents at the student’s desktop will be outlined by the autumn 2021, and the students’ Peppi expert group formed in December 2020 will participate in the planning.

The exact schedule of the Peppi deployment will be decided in the spring 2021. Prior to the deployment in October-November 2021, there will be approx. a three-week downtime period during which no changes can be made to the student data system. However, WebOodi can be accessed in read-only mode. The downtime period is related to the student data system only, while teaching and studying will continue normally.

Everyone should prepare for the downtime period where possible. Especially those students planning to graduate in late 2021 should take the downtime period and possible schedule changes caused by it into account. Everyone’s matters will be handled and saved to the data system as soon as possible, but the data system change may affect the services and the downtime period might slow down the process of graduation in late 2021.

It is worthwhile to follow the Peppi communication and instructions. Information on the schedules of graduation and other important student matters will be given during the spring. There will be a to do list to help you prepare for the downtime period and the data system change, and further information will be available for students.

There will be help and support on how to use Peppi available. During this spring, there will be Peppi info sessions for students. The user instructions for Peppi will be compiled according to the user groups to the Peppi handbook, and the first version will be published with instructions for the deployment latest in the beginning of Autumn period. After this, the handbook will be updated with user instructions and other relevant information.

Peppi-related news, discussions and events can be found in the Peppi-info Moodle platform. Peppi-related questions and ideas can be sent to the email For further information about the students’ Peppi expert group, you may contact the working group leader Elina Alho.​

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